When you decide to stay at the complex of guest houses Dolina Białego, you will be able to use a number of exceptional attractions. The very location of the complex near hiking trails and numerous bicycle trails, at the entrance to the picturesque Dolina Białego, makes this a great place for those who like to rest actively. The center of the town with the popular Krupówki street, restaurants, music clubs, museums, galleries and other attractions, is little more than one kilometer away.
Adults coming to guest houses at the complex Dolina Białego with children do not need to worry about the lack of attractions for their children. We have prepared a number of facilities for them, e.g. a reception desk for holders of the VIP Kids Card, a baby corner with books as well as educational and entertainment games, a playground with a sandbox, swings and slides, a special menu and plates as well as cutlery in our restaurant. It is also possible to hire a qualified babysitters who will take care of your child. In addition, the Kornel Makuszyński museum is located near the complex. The youngest visitors as well as adults may see Koziołek Matołek in the museum.
The numerous advantages of the complex of guest houses Dolina Białego also include its close vicinity to the Biały Potok regional inn and a modern, indoor tennis court.
Staying in our guest houses for at least two nights, our guests are offered the possibility to enter the water park in Zakopane for an unlimited time. This is the only swimming pool complex with thermal waters in the town. It has a number of attractions, including: sports and recreational swimming pools, a terrace with an external swimming pool, playgrounds for children, water slides, water attractions, saunas, a bowling alley, a fitness club.
We guarantee good fun, regardless of the weather!