About the SPA

The Name SPA comes from Latin and means "Sanus Per Aquam", namely "Health through water". SPA is more than beauty treatments. It is a philosophy based on the assumption that you can sooth your senses and relax your tired body or stimulate it to activity through appropriately selected beauty treatments. It is also harmony of the spirit and the body. The important thing is for our body and mind to be in appropriate balance through which we can enjoy life fully. SPA beauty treatments are a natural therapy based in 100% on top-quality products from plant extracts. These exclusive beauty products are most often manufactured manually in laboratories according to recipes used for ages.
Please visit the SPA&Wellness center located in the Biały Potok guest house where you will relax, take care of your body and senses under the supervision of experts and have an exceptional time during your stay in the complex of Dolina Białego.

Treat yourself to a little luxury!
The SPA&Wellness center is open every day between 4 pm and 9 pm.
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