Price List

Bialy Potok SPA Price List

Facial Skin Care Treatments

Face, neck and décolleté relaxing massage
It combines various techniques of massage, deeply relaxes muscles and reduces wrinkles. It is the most effective form of fight against the skin aging process.
60 PLN
Beautiful eyes

Nourishing treatment with lymphatic drainage and collagen under-eyes patch - 60 PLN

It perfectly moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, eliminates dark circles and puffy eyes; In conjunction with one of the following facial treatments special price is – 40 PLN
60 PLN
Hydro Balance – strong dry skin irrigation
Deeply moisturizing treatment that restores skin freshness, elasticity and tone. It is recommended for skin requiring intensive moisturizing and regeneration.
120 PLN
Pure Balance – deep cleansing and skin-dulling A treatment dedicated to combination and oily skin. It has the properties of normalizing the sebaceous glands and reducing inflammation. 140 PLN

Stress Balance – strengthening the vascular and sensitive skin

A treatment dedicated to irritated, vascular and aging skin, enriched with vitamins and ceramides so perfectly smoothes, strengthens and moisturizes it. 150 PLN
Caviar Perfection – A Luxurious Anti-Age treatment Rich in nutrients, high-level, tightening and firming the skin Caviar treatment with rejuvenating and regenerating properties. 160 PLN
Extreme for Man
A purifying and nourishing treatment with Anti-Age properties. After the treatment the skin is revitalized, smooth and fresh. 140 PLN
Body Skin Care Treatments
Body Scrub – Perfect smoothing
Deeply cleansing treatment that perfectly improves blood circulation, absorption of active ingredients and removes calloused skin.
80 PLN
Chocolate delicacies
Aromatic body treatment, smoothing and making your skin elastic. It creates a state of deep relaxation and stress relief, reduces symptoms of fatigue and stress. Also recommended for pregnant women.
160 PLN
Anti-cellulite orange
Treatment based on an extract of caffeine and oranges. It intensely heats, improves circulation and stimulate the reduction of cellulite and body fat.
180 PLN
Weight-lossGinger Body Shape
A treatment based on ginger and cinnamon, strongly exfoliates, drains and reduces the body circumference. Multidirectional efficacy speed up metabolism, burn fat and eliminate puffiness giving a feeling of lightness.
180 PLN
Milky Regeneration and Relief
Deeply regenerating and moisturizing treatment, restoring balance. Lubricates and nourishes a strong body. Dairy compositions rich in vitamin A and D and hyaluronic acid rebuild dry and sensitive skin.
200 PLN
Therapeutic Back or Legs Massage
Special techniques are used to relax muscles. This kind of massage eliminates tension, relieve arthritis and spine pain.
70 PLN
Relaxation Massage
It is the perfect way to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Massage allows you to fully relax and regain well-being.
100 PLN
Chocolate Massage
It regenerates and nourishes the skin. Also stimulates the production of endorphins, gives a feeling of relaxation, loosening and improves good mood. This massage is recommended for children and pregnant women.
120 PLN
Chinese Cupping Massage
This is a very effective way to get rid of cellulite and fat. The massage uses vacuum suction method, which perfectly reduces cellulite and stretch marks. It has a cleansing effect by removing toxins, fatty deposits and lymph oedema. Also relieves back and muscle pain.
120 PLN
SHEA Butter Massage
This massage deeply nourishes and regenerates. Shea butter has a healing and repair features. Massage oils the body, giving a fresh and healthy looking skin.
120 PLN
Fairy-tale Relaxation
This is an extremely luxurious, relaxation and giving relief ritual. Special techniques and gestures release tension located in the depths of the body. Massage introduces a state of balance and harmony, allows you to recover the peace and good mood. Caviar butter moisturizes and tones the body, leaving it smooth and wonderfully fragrant.
140 PLN
Massage for pregnant women
Specially selected, safe, relaxation massage techniques reduce swelling of the legs and back and shoulders muscle tension. The effect of the massage is deeply moisturized and elastic skin. Massage prepares the future mother's body for the coming changes, provides deep relaxation and comfort.
140 PLN
Foot Massage
Excellent relief and alleviation for tired feet. The massage techniques are based on stretching and relaxing tired muscles of the foot.
70 PLN
Healing Care for Hands and Feet
Classic Manicure
80 PLN
Hybrid Manicure
110 PLN
Satin Hand Treatment (peeling, massage, mask)
40 PLN
Classic Pedicure
100 PLN
Hybrid Pedicure
130 PLN
Satin Feet Treatment (peeling, massage, mask)
60 PLN
Nail painting
20 PLN
Paraffin Hands/Feet
30/40 PLN
Hybrid Removal 30 PLN
Additional treatments
Eyebrow Sculpting
20 PLN
Eyebrow henna application
20 PLN
Eyelashes henna application
20 PLN
SPA scalp ritual (scalp massage + regenerating mask treatment) recommended for face or body treatment
40 PLN